UK digital jukebox is No.1 choice for leading craft brewery in India - NSM Music
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UK digital jukebox is No.1 choice for leading craft brewery in India


UK digital jukebox is No.1 choice for leading craft brewery in India

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A UK manufactured digital jukebox has become an integral part of the brand story for a craft brewery and pub chain in India.

The brewery is set to launch several new outlets in multiple cities over the next 12 months. It’s first has been attracting attention for three years and a second was opened last year…and that’s great news for the UK’s leading manufacturer of digital jukeboxes, NSM Music.

Manu Gulati, Master Brewer and Founder at Effingut Brewerkz, first came across an NSM jukebox when he spent time in the UK.

“I’m a fan of a wide variety of music genres and found the NSM jukebox to be a comprehensive and interactive one-stop solution. When I started Effingut Brewerkz, the decision to use an NSM Jukebox was made instantly,” he says.

“We installed the first NSM Jukebox – an ICON Fusion – at our craft brewery and brewpub in 2014. In 2016 we opened a second location in Pune, India and once again, we went with a Fusion. With our third brewpub scheduled to open in July 2017, we will continue to use the same product.

Mr Gulati stresses that Effingut Brewerkz brewpubs’ experience is a combination of unique, bespoke beers, great food and ambience. Music, he says, plays a critical role in this and with an NSM jukebox there’s the freedom to choose.

“There’s a large track library, ranging from ‘50s pop to rock through to the latest chart toppers, with the option to view videos – and the ease of customisation offered are all reasons why we continue using this jukebox. We feel it is now an integral part of our brand story.”

He sums up NSM’s influence in this way: “The feedback we get from our customers for the jukebox is as positive as our experience with it. With plans to have six brewpubs by Q2 2018, we will surely be using NSM products in the foreseeable future.”

NSM Music Sales Manager Alex Kirby comments: “It’s wonderful to receive such positive feedback – as we often do – from customers. We’ll certainly continue to contribute to the brand narrative for hospitality venues all over the world.

“We’re always looking to introduce product enhancements right across our range, such as the recent introduction of contactless payment, and customers continue to react favourably to our unique combination of heritage, style and technology.”