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Proof that not all jukebox deals mean sharing your revenue…?


Proof that not all jukebox deals mean sharing your revenue…?

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NSM Music at the Autumn Coin Op Show, Stand 62

This year has seen some great innovation from but perhaps one of the most significant changes we’ve made is, in fact, ‘no change’.

While we’ve revised our easy payment plan, upgraded the Sound Leisure conversion package and launched ground-breaking contactless payment models on all three of our successful Icon jukeboxes, one thing has remained unchanged.

“We don’t ask operators to share cash boxes. We’re very much customer focused in all we do and dipping into what is already a strained cash box is one step too far,” says Sales Manager Alex Kirby.

He goes on to explain that the US and UK market are two totally different ‘animals’.

“In the US”, says Alex, “jukebox manufacturers sell their products through distributors, direct to the licensee, whereas here in the UK we sell the jukeboxes to operators who then supply the retailer and licensee on a cashbox share or rental.

“The last thing the operator needs is a 4th hand dipping into the cash box. And can you imagine, renting a jukebox and then telling the licensee that, although they are paying a rent, they must share the cash box as well?

“The operator is already being squeezed enough and we, as manufacturers, should be looking at ways to help the operator rather than strain his profits.”

Alex confirms that 2017 is a record year for NSM Music. There’s been significant interest in the conversions and cashless products since they were announced earlier this year, and last year’s winner, the introduction of the Icon Storm, has been consolidated.

“There are huge advantages to contactless payment, operators no longer rely on spare change in the end users pocket to generate them a full cash box “A smartphone or contactless debit/credit card is all they need. It means our music is more accessible as well as safe and secure. And its keeping with current trends among users of all ages; contactless payment is here to stay and its use will become more and more widespread very quickly.”

NSM Music’s jukeboxes provide innovative designs, great value and great service; 40,000 tracks offline and over 200,000 online available, video, bingo, karaoke and of course low-cost content.

In a year that’s already seen increased sales of NSM Music jukeboxes, we’ve also introduced a ‘spread the cost’ sales model, which start from only £17 a week. This facility appeals to all operators large and small giving them the flexibility to purchase whilst not damaging cashflow.

“For us, it’s just another move forward with our commitment to helping operators update their ageing equipment and keep up with all the latest developments in new technology.

“We’re making upgrades possible and new jukeboxes affordable, while continuing to do what we’ve always done well – combining great customer service with outstanding products,” confirms Kirby.

This year has also seen an enhanced conversion and upgrade for all Sound Leisure digital jukeboxes.
“Initially,” continues Alex, “we offered a new hard drive and memory upgrade, bringing enormous benefits. But now we’ve gone a step further, with the option to add a completely new PC at a low cost with one year’s warranty.” And NSM’s My Jukebox app allows users to browse and select tracks using their mobile phone without having to get up off their seat.

The app is easily downloadable and payment is via PayPal which helps increase profits. “It’s another great NSM feature that encourages users and helps the operator and their customers. It also adds to our claim that manufacturing for the 21st century can combine state of the art technology with an eye for aesthetic appeal and our heritage. “For us, every development brings a new ‘golden age’, and always will,” says Alex.

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