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New lease of life on offer from NSM Music


New lease of life on offer from NSM Music

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We’ve launched an enhanced conversion and upgrade for the Sound Leisure MIM and V Hub 32” models.

Initially we offered a new hard drive and memory upgrade, bringing enormous benefits. But now we’ve gone a step further, with the option to add a completely new PC.”
Upgrading means users receive NSM Music updates at the most affordable rate and content increases to 40,000 tracks offline and 200,000+ online.

With regular innovations and new products and services, we’re setting the pace for jukebox development in the UK. This includes the launch of a jukebox app, contactless payment, enhanced user interfaces – and there’s more to be announced at the EAG show in January.

The MIM model will run on icon2 software and the V Hub 32” will run on the latest NSM touch and slide user interface. Installing a new PC carries a one-year warranty.

And don’t forget – if you’d rather part exchange Sound Leisure jukeboxes, perhaps on our easy payment terms plan, we’re the company where there’s no cashbox share.