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Here’s music to your ears


Here’s music to your ears

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We’ve UK launched contactless payment models on all three of our most successful Icon jukeboxes – the Lite, Fusion and Storm.

There are huge advantages to contactless payment: venue customers don’t need a penny in their pockets to enjoy a huge selection of great music tracks. They just need their phone or card, and the contactless payment facility.

Says our UK Sales Manager Alex Kirby: “It’s safe, secure and in keeping with current trends among users of all ages; contactless payment is here to stay and its use will become more and more widespread very quickly.”

NSM Music’s jukeboxes provide innovative designs, great value and great service; 40,000 tracks offline and over 200,000 online available; and low-cost content.

Additional Icon features include bingo, karaoke and ‘promoter designer. Karaoke and bingo have been pub favorites for the last 30 years and the user-friendly interface on the NSM jukeboxes is guaranteed to liven up a venue and attract additional footfall and revenue.

The promoter designer feature provides venue owners and managers with the ability to advertise special offers or events on the Icon range of jukeboxes. It’s easy-to-use to templates mean managers can compose effective and eye-catching adverts, displayed on their jukebox screen, with the potential to attract additional revenue.

And the My Jukebox app allows users to locate NSM jukeboxes, browse and play NSM Jukebox music using their mobile phone. The app is easily downloadable and payment is via PayPal which helps increase profits.

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