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Children’s educational & edutainment video terminal: KiKi Wall

22″ 4G/Wifi Video TerminalNSM MUSIC

Children's 4G/Wifi Educational & Edutainment Terminal

KiKi Wall Features:

  • 4G Network
  • Full HD 1080p 22″ LED Display
  • Wifi Enabled
  • Android
  • USB Support

    About Kiki Wall 22″ Video Play Terminal:

    KiKi Wall is our number one best selling games terminal , modularly designed and customisable, with lots of games and educational applications. KiKi will help your child draw, learn and surf the net safely.

    Available with or without coinmech, KiKi offers custom graphics and software.

    KiKi Wall comes as a modular unit: find the best set of KiKi Wall combinations for your business.

    KiKi Wall – Low Cost, High Value!  Ultimate Performance!

    Technical Specification:

    See below for technical specifications of KiKi Wall:

    Dimensions: Height: 116cm, Width: 82cm, Depth: 39cm
    Power Supply: AC 110 / 220V 50Hz, 140W Max
    Monitor: Samsung 22 “Full-HD
    Touchscreen: IR Multitouch
    Coin Mechanism: Comestero
    Warranty: 1 year + 1 year
    Weight: 40 kg

    KiKi Wall Features:

    For KiKi Wall Queries or Purchases:

    Speak to our friendly UK Sales team: Tel: +44 1132713708 E-Mail:

    New KiKi Wall distributor in Malta