Jukebox for Large Venues | 40 inch Big Display Jukebox: Icon Apollo
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Large Venue Jukebox: Icon Apollo


large venue jukebox, 40 inch big display jukebox

Icon Apollo Standard Features:

  • Large Venue Jukebox
  • 40″ Samsung TFT Jukebox
  • 120000 + Audio Tracks Online
  • 9000+ Video Tracks Online
  • Infra-Red Touch Screen
  • Multi-Function Remote Control
  • Internet Ready with WiFi Optional

    About Icon Apollo: Limited Stock!

    Icon Apollo is, literally, a colossus among jukeboxes with its massive 40″ LCD touch screen display; being a perfect jukebox for large venues and pubs. This new premium venue jukebox is set to become the flagship of the range, teeming with phenomenal specifications and once again raising the bar within the industry.

    Boasting an impressive library of both audio and video tracks, Apollo is the ideal medium for the NSM advertising platform. The interaction with the advertiser is easy:as soon as someone touches the digital jukebox’s screen to play music, the interactive touch screen presents consumers with a variety of media, such as banners, leader boards, track loops, etc.

    At the pinnacle of technological initiatives, NSM Music has again pushed out the frontier of digital music systems with the Icon Apollo. The focal point of this giant amongst jukeboxes is the massive 40 inch touchscreen which projects music videos in HD quality and also provides live information,such as sports results and other news via RSS feeds.

    NSM Combo Amp-Power Supply:
    The new NSM Class D PSU/Amp combination unit has been made especially for the Icon Lite. The amplifier and power supply have now been amalgamated, contained within one box. This makes installation and replacement quick and easy.

    Icon Apollo – Low Cost, High Value!  Ultimate Performance!


    New NSM Class D PSU/AMP combines the amplifier and power supply for efficiency and reliability.

    40 INCH

    Icon Apollo has a massive 40 INCH Touchscreen with a Projective Capacitive Touchscreen Technology.


    The innovative “Promoter Designer” feature allows venue owners to advertise special offers or events.

    Karaoke &
    Music Videos

    A convenient, user-friendly way to deliver a wide selection of high quality Karaoke & Music Videos.

    Technical Specification:

    Apollo is driven by Touch n’ Slide technology, providing quick and easy access to your choice of music.Language is not an issue here, as the interface is available in 10 languages. Already a big favourite in all four corners of the globe, Apollo is the ideal medium for a classic night of music,bingo and karaoke!
    Check below for more details:

    Audio & Video SPECIFICATION
    Audio tracks offline: Up to 40000 audio tracks offline
    Audio tracks online: 120000 + audio tracks online
    Video tracks offline: up to 5000 video tracks offline
    Video tracks online: 9000 + video tracks online
    Motherboard: KT690/AV690
    Processor: AMD TurionTM X2 Dual Core
    GPU: Integrated ATI Radeon X1250
    Memory: 1GB Crucial DDR2 667 MHz
    HDD: 500GB SATA Western Digital
    Touchglass: Projective Capacitive Touchscreen
    Updates: DVD Drive & USB Ports
    TV Output: YES
    TV Throughput: Yes
    Weight: 36kg
    Display: 40″ Big Samsung TFT Display
    Dimensions (mm): 805 x 500 x 200
    RMS Power Output:
  • 8 ohms: 2 ch. x 220W = 440W rms
  • 4 ohms: 2 ch. x 300W = 600W rms
  • Peak Power Output:
  • 8 ohms: 2 ch. x 1750W = 3500W Per Amplifier
  • 4 ohms: 2 ch. x 2400W = 4800W Per Amplifier
  • Add-Ons options
    On-Line Advertising: YES
    News / Sport Databelt: YES
    YouTube option: Yes
    Promoter Designer: Yes
    Touch & Slide: Yes
    3G Option: Yes
    Bingo / Karaoke Option: Yes
    Multilingual Versions: Yes

    PPL Licence:

    NSM were the first to successfully negotiate a PPL License for Jukebox music download and dubbing.

    Features & Add-Ons:

    Check out Icon Apollo’s ultimate Features & Add-Ons below:

  • Automatic Volume Control
  • User Friendly Book Keeping Data
  • Export Book Keeping and Popularity Data to Microsoft Excel via USB
  • Ability to set your own prices
  • Scrolling Message facility
  • Lockout Facility – lockout specific Tracks / Artists / Genres
  • Comprehensive Programmable Background Music facility
  • New Easy-to-Use User Interface
  • Browse New Tracks by Artists
  • Browse Chart Tracks
  • Browse Artists by Letter
  • Browse Popular Artists
  • Search Facility – search by Artist / Track / Genre / Decade / Audio / Video / Date
  • Advertising Feature
  • Switchable in 10 Languages (English, Danish, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian and Welsh.)

  • Hardware:
  • Multiple Audio / Visual switching modes
  • Connectivity to external TV (for Sky etc) – Throughput Only
  • Microphone Input
  • 600w New High Power Amplifier (capable of 2 volume zones)
  • Optional 2nd Amplifier
  • Remote Control – Wired or Infrared
  • 3G Internet Option – Subject to coverage
  • Modular Design
  • Stereo aux input
  • Sound to Light Illuminated Side Panels
  • YouTube Option

  • Jukebox Support:
  • Regular updates via Broadband / CD / USB
  • International Music Database
  • Accessibility to more than 80,000 Tracks

  • For Jukebox Queries or Purchases:

    Speak to our friendly UK Sales team: Tel: +44 1132713708 E-Mail: info@nsmmusic.com