Internet Jukebox for Pubs, Bars and Retails Entertainment: Icon Ice
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Internet Jukebox for Pubs, Bars and Retails Entertainment: Icon Ice


Icon Ice Latest Digital Enterntainment Internet Jukebox for Pubs Bars and Retails

Icon Ice Standard Features:

  • Internet Jukebox for Pubs, Bars, Retails & Clubs
  • 120000+ Audio Tracks Online
  • 24″ TFT & Touch screen Jukebox
  • 500 GB Hard Drive
  • Wall bracket for secure installation
  • Multi-Function Remote Control (Wired / Infrared)
  • Internet Ready with WiFi Optional

    UK Built and Manufacturerd Internet Digital Jukebox

    About Icon Ice:

    NSM Music’s latest internet jukebox the Icon Ice has expanded the boundaries of entertainment still further in the pubs, bars, retails and clubs entertainment. Apart from its faster user interface, snazzy new graphics and massive internet music library, Icon Ice offers an advertising platform which is designed for promoting local and national brands in a cost-effective way. Entertain your customers with the Icon Ice’s top feature that allows customers to play licensed internet music videos from the most popular charts.

    The Icon Ice digital internet jukebox entertainment, is a treat for all the senses and follows in the NSM Music tradition of aesthetically pleasing boxes jam packed with exciting features. Fitted with a state of the art 24″ inch touch screen, the Icon Ice has been designed to allow the user to appreciate the fabulous sound to light fest afforded by the jukebox, as well as the impressive high definition screen features.

    The Icon Ice’ s user interface has been designed to be very user-friendly and is complemented by smart tech features, such as Touch & Slide operation, intuitive software and ultra-fast search. The Icon Ice is ideally suited to showcase features such as the Promoter Designer. This allows venue owners to advertise special offers or events on the Icon™ range of jukeboxes, again with the aim of boosting revenue during quiet periods. For example, the pub or the bar landlord may have a special offer on beer during a broadcast game, or wants to organise a bingo afternoon for pensioners. The simple to use templates allow the site manager to compose an effective, striking advertisement on the digital jukebox.

    NSM Music’s Research and Development team boasts over a century of experience in electronics hardware and software design, not forgetting aesthetics and packaging, thus maintaining the Company’s six decades of innovation in the very best of music provision.

    Icon Ice – Low Cost, High Value!  Ultimate Performance!

    In these days of multinational manufacture NSM Music is proud to continue producing its increasingly popular Icon range of jukeboxes in the United Kingdom. With a loyal team of local suppliers from England and Wales, the Company is committed to reducing the carbon footprint of its products as low as possible.


    New NSM Class D PSU/AMP combines the amplifier and power supply for efficiency and reliability.

    24″ Touch Glass
    Touch Screen

    Icon Ice has a massive 24″ INCH Touchscreen with a Projective Capacitive Touchscreen Technology.


    The innovative “Promoter Designer” feature allows venue owners to advertise special offers or events.


    A convenient, user-friendly way to deliver a wide selection of high quality Karaoke Tracks.

    Technical Specification:

    The Icon Ice’s Touch n’ Slide facility allows you to find that favourite track quickly and intuitively, giving you more time to appreciate the jukebox’s other features, such as karaoke, bingo and the local advertising facility, Promoter Designer.
    Check below for more details:

    Audio & Video SPECIFICATION
    Audio tracks offline: Up to 40000 audio tracks offline
    Audio tracks online: 120000 + audio tracks online
    Video tracks offline: up to 4000+ video tracks offline
    Video tracks online: 9000 + video tracks online
    Motherboard: KT690/AV690
    Processor: AMD 3700+
    GPU: Integrated ATI Radeon X1250
    Memory: 1GB Crucial DDR2 667 MHz
    HDD: 500GB SATA Western Digital
    Touchglass: Projective Capacitive Touchscreen
    Updates: DVD Drive & USB Ports
    TV Output: YES
    TV Throughput: Yes
    Weight: 31 kg
    Display: 24″ TFT & Touch Screen
    Dimensions (mm): 820 x 480 x 220
    RMS Power Output:
  • 8 ohms: 2 ch. x 220W = 440W rms
  • 4 ohms: 2 ch. x 300W = 600W rms
  • Peak Power Output:
  • 8 ohms: 2 ch. x 1750W = 3500W Per Amplifier
  • 4 ohms: 2 ch. x 2400W = 4800W Per Amplifier
  • Add-Ons options
    On-Line Advertising: YES
    News / Sport Databelt: Yes
    You Tube option: Yes
    Promoter Designer: Yes
    Touch & Slide: Yes
    3G Option: Yes
    Bingo / Karaoke Option: Yes
    Multilingual Versions: Yes

    PPL Licence:

    NSM were the first to successfully negotiate a PPL License for Jukebox music download and dubbing.

    Features & Add-Ons:

    Check out Icon Ice’s ultimate Features & Add-Ons below:

  • Automatic Volume Control
  • User Friendly Book Keeping Data
  • Export Book Keeping and Popularity Data to Microsoft Excel via USB
  • Ability to set your own prices
  • Scrolling Message facility
  • Lockout Facility – lockout specific Tracks / Artists / Genres
  • Comprehensive Programmable Background Music facility
  • New Easy-to-Use User Interface
  • Browse New Tracks by Artists
  • Browse Chart Tracks
  • Browse Artists by Letter
  • Browse Popular Artists
  • Search Facility – Search by Artist / Track / Genre / Decade / Audio / Video / Date
  • Advertising Feature
  • Switchable in 10 Languages (English, Danish, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Norwegian and Welsh.)

  • Hardware:
  • Multiple Audio / Visual switching modes
  • Connectivity to external TV (for Sky etc) – Throughput Only
  • Microphone Input
  • 600w High Power Amplifier (capable of 2 volume zones)
  • Optional 2nd Amplifier
  • Remote Control – Wired or Infrared
  • 3G Internet Option – Subject to coverage
  • Modular Design
  • Stereo aux input
  • Sound to Light Illuminated Side Panels
  • YouTube* Option

  • Bolt-Ons:
  • More Offline Audio Tracks
  • Music Videos and Video Switching via Hardware Kit
  • Karaoke / Bingo
  • YouTube Hardware Kit
  • Infrared Remote Control
  • Regular updates via Broadband / CD / USB
  • International Music Database
  • Accessibility to more than 100,000 Tracks

  • Jukebox Support:
  • Regular updates via Broadband / CD / USB
  • International Music Database
  • Accessibility to more than 100,000 Tracks

  • For Jukebox Queries or Purchases:

    Speak to our friendly UK Sales team: Tel: +44 1132713708 E-Mail: