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Classic Jukeboxes


NSM’s Jukebox History:

Few companies can boast the rich heritage of NSM Music. Well into its seventh decade, NSM Music continues to exceed the expectations of its three founding members Nack, Schulze and Menke, who created the Company in Germany to produce American-style jukeboxes in the 1950s. The Company has gained an enviable reputation for combining aesthetics with technology, being responsible for many breakthroughs in the jukebox music industry, ranging from state of the art CD changing devices to the most attractive interactive digital jukeboxes on the market.

Classic Jukeboxes:

The 1970s was the golden age of NSM jukeboxes,where style and art met head-on with the the heady sounds of the decade.

The period 1970-82 saw the best of the vinyl era with boxes which fitted in with contemporary furniture, such as the “arty” Consul series,which could hold 160 discs and the post modern look of the Prestige range. The transition to CD technology was not a problem for NSM,who came up with impressive patented CD technology,which powered such iconic machines ,such as Digital Thunder,Silver Sky and the Galaxy range.Later CD models such as Tradition and Ultimate have widely been converted into digital formats.

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