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Jukebox: NSM Music


The Company:

Few companies can boast the rich heritage of NSM Music. Well into its seventh decade, NSM Music continues to exceed the expectations of its three founding members Nack, Schulze and Menke, who created the Company in Germany to produce American-style jukeboxes in the 1950s. The Company has gained an enviable reputation for combining aesthetics with technology, being responsible for many breakthroughs in the jukebox music industry, ranging from state of the art CD changing devices to the most attractive interactive digital jukeboxes on the market.

Company Expansion:

The expansion of NSM’s international activities coincided with the launch of the hybrid vinyl 45 RPM Single / CD Model, the City IV Combi, which boosted the UK side of the business through distributors such as Associated Leisure, Bell Fruit and Crown Leisure. Worldwide distribution expanded over all 5 continents with NSM Music products being marketed as far afield as Aruba and India. The CD era was a golden age for NSM Music, which launched no fewer than fifty jukebox models in a 20 year period. To experience that jukebox golden age of NSM Music please check out the video on the right hand side.


Additional Information:

NSM Music Ltd. combines decades of interactive jukebox music experience and European design excellence with the personal care and service you would expect from a well established business, to deliver products that are well-built, earn well, and are thoroughly supported.

Company Location: NSM MUSIC UK Unit 4 – Maple Park, Lowfields Avenue Leeds – LS12 6HH United Kingdom

Contact Details:Tel: +44 1132713708E-Mail: info@nsmmusic.comWeb: www.nsmmusic.com

Why NSM Music?

  • 60 years of expertise in the industry
  • Patented on-line technology in the 1980’s
  • First to obtain UK PPL Licence
  • UK manufacturing and own music library
  • Exports to five continents
  • Part of international BPC Group of Companies
  • In House R & D
  • Custom Solutions
  • Multiligual Platforms
  • Full service support
  • NSM’s Mission:

    “NSM Music Ltd. aims to be a leading supplier and designer of quality digital music products in its chosen markets.

    Our strategy is to retain and attract customers in our core businesses with continual improvements in service and value, whilst at the same time developing new opportunities in the UK and internationally”

    PPL License

    NSM Music was one of the pioneers of the digital age, being in at the start of downloaded music in jukeboxes as well as being the first to obtain a PPL licence, which means that the Company effectively owns its music library of over 250000 tracks. Control over both production and music gives NSM plenty of flexibility on strategic pricing, a vital tool, especially in the current economic climate.

    The Company’s latest range, the Icon, was designed from a wish-list created from NSM customers’ feedback. Over the last 5 years four interactive digital jukeboxes have been launched: the best selling Icon 2 – the Company’s flagship, Fusion – the stunning 32 inch, Icon Apollo – 40 inch Large Venue Jukebox and the entry level – Icon Lite.

    The success of the Icon in the British Isles has been boosted by the launch of international versions in a number of languages, including Spanish, German, Greek and Danish. Value added features on the entire range include karaoke, You Tube and bingo, and jukebox advertising (Promoter Designer feature).

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    NSM Music is part of the international , whose interests include LED lighting and professional quality loudspeakers.