For over six decades, NSM Music products have enjoyed an enviable reputation for style and performance. That legacy is faithfully reproduced in our current LIGHTING and THUNDER jukeboxes, along with all NSM products.


Contact our friendly jukebox sales team for purchases or queries.

Quick access to the Big Top 40 Chart helps customers conveniently select what’s most popular right now.

The NSM music catalogue consists of over 250,000 songs and is updated weekly. We strive to provide jukebox venues and their customers with the best music possible.

All our jukeboxes are capable of switching to the following languages: English, Dansk, Italiano, Norsk, Deutsch, Español, Français, Portugese, Polski and Cymraeg

Contactless Payment

Contactless payment gives customers more options to pay to play music. There is no longer the need to depend on customers having physical cash on them.

Promoter Designer

Transform your jukeboxes into powerful digital signage using NSM’s free Promoter Designer. This revenue-boosting tool lets you create dynamic adverts promoting specials and events that display on all external screens.

My Jukebox App

No need to leave your seat with the “NSM My Jukebox App”, customers can find nearby NSM jukeboxes, Browse, select a pay for music from their mobile phone. It’s the cool and convenient way today’s jukebox venue customers connect to the jukebox experience.

NSM Music provides fully-licensed world-class music backed by a tremendous support team. Contact Us Today!
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